About Neil and Tracy


Tracy has a lifelong interest in art and especially glass. Everything she does in inspired by colour. Her work is abstract and interpretational – she creates what she thinks, not what she sees. Tracy says, “my favourite medium is glass, a wonderful medium which changes colour dependent on the light. It generates a depth and energy which gives each piece an originality”. Glass is very versatile and Tracy fuses, slumps and tacks to create wall art, bowls, and sculpture. Each individually designed piece can take weeks to complete.

Tracy also paints in oils and watercolour using bold colours to create abstract innovative images. Tracy’s work is not subtle or still – it has movement and depth, creating emotion and energy.

Tracy involvement in the art world includes writing reviews, judging exhibitions, public speaking and curation. She has had several solo exhibitions and exhibits regularly in the north of Scotland. Her work is in private collections all over the world.

Tracy has a Masters Degree in Art History.


Neil’s early interest in art was stimulated by impressionism and art nouveau, but since studying the Modern Movement with the Open University he has been committed to the concept of form following function. Simplicity and clean lines are his goals. His aim is to create art which stimulates on-going inspiration and enjoyment.

Neil has a Masters Degree in Education